15 Minutes of ………

The 15 minute well-being at work break has been the topic of much confusion of late. This page gives you a comprehensive guide on the break.

This has been a hot topic of late across all sites at PTHB. To clarify the official guidelines state…

  • Breaks are a maximum of 15 minutes per shift / working day
  • For all staff including part time and bank to take during their shift / working day
  • You need to inform / agree with your manager before you take your break
  • Breaks cannot be carried over from one shift / working day to the next
  • You cannot arrive 15 minutes late or leave 15 minutes early and call it a break
  • Your break is for your health and wellbeing so does not mean you have run or walk, you may wish to use your break to attend other Health and Wellbeing activities.
  • You are allowed to spend it away from your desk or workstation (i.e. away from where you actually work).

So what can you do in 15 minutes

This page is dedicated to giving you hints and tips on what you can do in your break. From origami to Breathing exercises. Talking a walk to reading a book. Each month there will be a new tip for you to try on your break. Come back each month to find our new tip on how to spend your break. Old tips and hints can be found in the links to this page.


this month has is an eclectic mix of dates, the one that springs to mind is Lent. With that in mind what better way to start than this 15 min or so read from Buzz feed 101 things to give up for lent, to give you some inspiration.


Of course there is also pancake day. It wouldn’t be complete without a weird pancake recipe, so here’s 11 you can have a look at during your break.

11 easy pancake recipe’s

As usual Februarys ideas are in the links section at the top of the page, See you next month.